ABCDx expertise relies in the discovery, clinical validation and commercialization of point-of-care diagnostics with advanced blood-based biomarkers for brain injuries.

ABCDx pursues an innovative business approach to take part in digital health revolution with the development  of a Patient-Managment App that can ensure the control over the use of its technologies and provide additional benefits to the healthcare professionals for the management of its patients.


the complex process of interpreting the result of a “panel” of tests to provide a reliable assistance to the health care provider.

Brain injury diagnosis is not like a pregnancy test where a single parameter above a certain threshold means “positive”.  In brain injury patients, many parameters are at stake, for Health Care professional to make up their decision.


BrainCheck™ turns your smartphone into a medical device to provide an accurate triage of patient with a cerebrovascular disorder

ABCDx detains the know-how and can provide the algorithm in a software for smartphone of tablet. The App that takes in all the available patient information and reports the assessment based on an ABCDx-owned database.


Selecting LVO stroke patients for rapid treatment
Detection of mild Traumatic
Brain Injury
Differentiation between ischemic and  haemorrhagic stroke

ABCDx has completed the acquisition of exclusive commercial rights to patent applications that seek to protect the use of individual biomarkers and panels of biomarkers to categorize, differentiate and indicate treatment and management for patients with brain injury in the following categories:

ABCDx SA believes that use of its biomarker panels and its expertise will have the capability of transforming care of many brain injury patients by indicating appropriate and timely life-saving or life-changing treatments which could greatly improve clinical outcomes for a significantly larger proportion of patients.

From proteomic studies to
biomarker validation
Proteomic studies conclucted
by Pr. Sanchez at UniGE
Identification of TBI biomarkers
in patients CSF
April 2017
Multicentric clinical study
of ABCDx
August 2018
Clinical study demonstrate the high
specificity of the ABCDx panel

Clinical studies