Agreement ABCDx – FISEVI for the study of stroke biomarkers


Agreement ABCDx – FISEVI for the study of stroke biomarkers

Sevilla, Spain - October 25, 2023: The Neurovascular group of the Hospital Universitario has signed a collaboration agreement with the innovation company ABCDx

( to advance the study of biomarkers for the diagnosis of stroke in ambulances.

Currently, to differentiate between an ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, it is necessary to perform neuroimaging techniques (cranial CT), which makes it impossible to identify a patient with ischemic stroke and large vessel occlusion at the prehospital level. Reperfusion therapies of the occluded artery are the only useful treatment for these patients, being their effectiveness time dependent.

Thanks to this agreement, a senior project manager with experience in the field of biomarkers will collaborate in the implementation of a tool that allows the diagnosis of

stroke with large vessel occlusion at a prehospital level using POCTs (point-of-care tests) whose reading will be done by smartphones.

This innovative tool will allow the direct transfer of stroke patients with large vessel occlusion to hospital centers with thrombectomy facilities, enabling a faster initiation of reperfusion therapy, improving the patient's prognosis.

ABCDx is an innovation company based in Spain, dedicated to the discovery and development of diagnostic tools for patients with brain damage. ABCDx has recently

obtained the European Innovation Council Grant. Thanks to this budget, the company will be able to carry out the study in 6 European countries and cover the expenses of the mentioned contract.

Dr. Joan Montaner Villalonga is the principal investigator and leader of the Neurovascular group of the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBiS). Currently, the translational

neurovascular research group is fully integrated within the Neurology UGC of the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena (HUVM) and Virgen del Rocío (HUVR) and carries out a good part of its activity in the IBIS neurovascular research laboratory. It focuses on four strategic lines of research: Advanced Neuroprotection (ADNES); Ischemia-reperfusion injury in stroke (IRIS); Etiology of stroke and pediatric stroke; Cell therapy and other academic clinical trials.

About ABCDx

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, ABCDx specializes in brain injury diagnostics. The company is committed to advancing the field through innovative solutions aimed at

improving patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

Contact for inquiries, please contact:

Jean-Charles Sanchez

CEO and Co-Founder at ABCDx