About us

ABCDx is a company  headquartered in Spain that discovers and develops diagnostic tools transforming care for patients with brain injuries. ABCDx’s devices help the healthcare professionals in the triage, diagnosis and treatment decision process at the point of care for patients presenting with potential brain injury from stroke and trauma to post-injury complications and patient outcome.

ABCDx is pioneering the ability to decode the chemical messages of the brain (brain biomarkers).

So that brain injury can be detected in a drop of


from a finger prick, allowing the diagnosis at the admission of the emergency department, before hospitalization or even directly on the field where the injury occurred.

About the founders

Prof. Sanchez & Dr Montaner Villalonga are recognized as Key Opinion Leaders in the field of brain biomarkers. They combine their unique expertise in brain biomarker discovery, awareness and clinical validation.

Their continuous discoveries of novel brain biomarkers constitute the IP portfolio of ABCDx and allow a rapid access to clinical validation for ABCDx’s medical devices.

Board of directors &
leadership team

Prof. Jean-Charles Sanchez
Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Biochemist, 25 years experience & Key Opinion Leader in Brain Biomarker discovery Head of the Biomedical Proteomics Group at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva 210 publications, H index 71, 29 patents

Dr. Joan Montaner-Villalonga
Chief Medical Officer and co-founder

Neurologist, 20 years experience in Brain Biomarker discovery at the Neuro-vascular research laboratory in Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research Director of the Andalusian Stroke Network and the stroke research programme at IBIS, Seville 352 publications, H index 65, 10 patents

Michael Sjöström
Member of the Board

25 years experience in biotech Investments and and VCs

Alain Gilbert
Chairman and Board member

Senior Partner of Bionest 25 years experience in Medtech and Diagnostics business