ABCDx Introduces Groundbreaking Diagnostic Tool: TIACheck


ABCDx Introduces Groundbreaking Diagnostic Tool, TIACheck, Leveraging H-FABP as a Biomarker for Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Geneva, Switzerland - October 24, 2023 - ABCDx, a leading innovator in brain injury diagnostics, is pleased to announce a pivotal advancement in transient ischemic attack (TIA) diagnostics.

The company is in the late stages of developing TIACheck, a rapid point-of care test (POCT) designed to measure heart fatty-acid binding protein (HFABP) levels in patients suspected of TIA.

The innovation stems from comprehensive research which recently concluded that H-FABP could serve as an effective diagnostic biomarker for TIA, a precursor condition that poses a high risk for subsequent strokes.

TIACheck promises to deliver quick and accurate results, ideal for emergency department settings as well as primary care facilities.

A Breakthrough in Diagnostics TIACheck represents a significant leap forward in the field of diagnostics, and we are thrilled to bring this innovation to the medical community.

It is rooted in a retrospective analysis from two large prospective cohorts, namely the StrokeChip multicenter study and a separate blood sample collection. The analysis found significantly higher H-FABP levels in TIA patients compared to their non-TIA counterparts.

Principal Investigator of the Study and CMO of ABCDx, Joan Montaner remarked, "Our research underscores the potential of H-FABP as a critical biomarker in the early identification of transient ischemic attacks. This breakthrough will undoubtedly revolutionize TIA diagnostics and contribute to improved patient outcomes."

Real-World Applications With a 10% risk of recurrent stroke after a TIA diagnosis and approximately 80% of post-TIA strokes being preventable with early intervention, TIACheck aims to become an indispensable tool in the rapid identification and treatment of this critical condition.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Joan Montaner stated, "At ABCDx, we are dedicated to advancing medical science for the benefit of patients worldwide. TIACheck represents our commitment to early intervention and improved patient care. We believe that the incorporation of H-FABP as a diagnostic biomarker will save lives and reduce the burden of stroke-related disabilities."

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