ABCDx and VHIR Enter Strategic Co-Ownership Agreement


ABCDx and VHIR Enter Strategic Co-Ownership Agreement with Exclusive Commercialization Rights, Significantly Enhancing ABCDx's Valuation

Geneva, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain – 22nd November 2023

ABCDx SA, a Swiss and Spanish based global leader in the field of brain injury diagnostics, and Fundació Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron - Institut de Recerca (VHIR), a top-tierSpanish research institution, have officially entered into a transformative partnership. This collaboration not only solidifies their co-ownership of the patent application for "MARKERSFOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF LARGE VESSEL OCCLUSION" but also grants ABCDx exclusive rights for commercialization. This strategic agreement is poised to propel ABCDx's valuation to new heights, reinforcing its position as an industry leader in medical diagnostics.

Business Implications

This joint ownership and exclusive commercialization agreement have been strategically structured to unlock substantial economic value for both parties, with a particular emphasis on enhancing ABCDx's market valuation. According to Prof. Jean-Charles Sanchez, CEO of ABCDx, "This collaborative effort not only fortifies our R&D capabilities but serves as a critical value driver for our stakeholders. It’s a leap forward in our long-term strategy and enhances ABCDx’s attractiveness for both institutional investors and potential acquirers."

Exclusive License for Commercialization

Under this agreement, VHIR grants ABCDx an exclusive license of the rights to the Research Results. ABCDx will have the exclusive rights to manufacture, introduce into the market, import, export, promote, offer for sale, and sell Products and Services based on the patent. Additionally, ABCDx is empowered to offer sublicenses, further expanding the reach of these innovative diagnostic solutions.

Significance for ABCDx Valuation

Experts believe that owning this critical patent with exclusive commercialization rights will make ABCDx an even more desirable entity for investment and acquisition. This unique position in the medical diagnostics landscape, particularly in large vessel occlusion detection, is expected to meet significant market demand with limited solutions available.

About ABCDx

ABCDx specializes in leveraging AI and state-of-the-art biomarkers in healthcare diagnostics. Headquartered in Geneva and Barcelona, the company has consistently

demonstrated its innovation prowess. This new partnership, combined with exclusive commercialization rights, further cements ABCDx's leadership in the industry.

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Prof. Jean-Charles Sanchez



VHIR Contact: Judit Domingo Prim