Transforming care for patients with brain injury

ABCDx expertise

ABCDx provides powerful new tools for transforming the triage, diagnosis and treatment decision process at the point of care for patients presenting with potential brain injury from stroke and trauma to complications. ABCDx is pioneering the ability to decode the chemical messages of the brain so that brain injury can be detected earlier often before hospitalization and from a single blood drop.

You may find out more by e-mail to or calling at +41 22 545 12 89.

2018 Venture Kick Award

2017 Innovation Academy Award

Professor Jean-Charles Sanchez, head of the translational biomarker group at the University of Geneva and co-founder of ABCDx SA and Linnea Lagerstedt PhD student, have just won the 2017 Innovation Academy Award. They presented the use of proprietary biomarkers as a unique means to reduce the amount of unnecessary CT scans in mild traumatic brain injury patients. (Factsheet mTBI)


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