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Partnering with ABCDx

ABCDx has the goal of validating, educating and encouraging the use of biomarkers in the diagnosis of brain injury in those cases where patient treatment and outcome can be improved.

We seek to partner with companies developing and marketing diagnostic tests for appropriate markers, as well as pharmaceutical companies seeking to increase the use of thrombolytic, neuroprotective and anti-infection therapies earlier and to a greater proportion of eligible patients.

In addition, we are capable, through our networks, of enabling and managing professional and comprehensive validation of the methods to support regulatory files to be prepared for both diagnostic test registration and drug registration where a companion diagnostic may be indicated.

The founders of ABCDx have an international reputation in this field and through collaboration with academic and hospital researchers, can assemble a significant international effort to validate biomarkers and biomarker panels for their ability to indicate appropriate and timely therapeutic intervention.

Investing in ABCDx

ABCDx will position itself as a provider of intellectual property rights to diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies wishing to access the commercial benefits of ABCDx technology.  ABCDx will also seek appropriate investment from individuals, institutions and commercial partners to add sustainable value to the company through product development and continued innovation in the field of brain injury management.

You may find out more by e-mail to or calling at +41 22 545 12 89.


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